What We Do

A range of quality products and creative ideas

At Royal Trading Designs we are determined to expand geographically and simultaneously increase the range of products offered. We will achieve this by maintaining our existing partnerships as well as forging new ones throughout the world.
In addition to the development and marketing of our own brands, we also act as an agent for other manufacturers; Such as Georg Jensen and Disney.
The pride and joy of our portfolio are the stylish polo shirts from Guiding Cairns. They are made of the finest quality fabric.
Exclusively for the Faroese market, we have developed an entire brand of convenience products. The Green Cliffs brand gained instant popularity with the Faroese consumers and is now one of our most extensive business segments.
Through the development of Green Cliffs, we have forged strong partnerships with different countries. Not only The Faroe Islands, but also with Norway and Sweden.
Most recently we have launched a major expansion within the wholesale business with distribution of a broad range of non-food products. Learn more here..