The story of Oxens

Oxens is a premium quality brand made for the grill enthusiasts. Barbecuing or grilling has developed tremendously in recent years, and Oxens saw the need for dedicated products for this. Thus, Oxens became a reality and started developing top-quality grill products.

The taste of premium quality

Oxens has developed a series for every dinner table. They are fresh and richly flavoured quality products. It’s products for the ‘everyday barbecue master’, who doesn’t want to settle.

More than just food

Barbecuing is more than just the meal. It’s leisure time with family and friends, being together outside under the clear sky. It’s about relaxing, talking, laughing and having fun while smelling the spices and listening to the meat sizzling. Oxens mission is to create joyful barbecue experiences for families by providing the tools needed. 

An exciting variety of products

Oxens also makes non-food products such as barbecue utensils, grill cutlery, aprons, bottles for marinade etc. All products are premium quality and not to be missed in a barbecue collection. Every barbecue master who wants to be taken seriously need Oxens – There is something for everyone.
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