The beginning

Le’Zetra is a new brand on the market. With its rich taste and delicious texture, Le’Zetra is definitely a winner when it comes to chocolate. The taste is paramount at Le’Zetra, and their ambition is to create chocolate perfection every time.

Don’t miss out

Le’Zetra is for everyone. They offer a variety of different flavours and combinations and there is something for everybody. Their Belgian Cocoa Dusted Truffles is a clear hit and even the truffles variates in taste. They come in caramel, chili, extra dark, forest fruit, rum, mint and hazelnut versions.

New ideas & possibilities

Le’Zetra will continue to develop new great flavours and combinations. Their mission is to amaze and excite with all kinds of rich tastes and delicious flavours. Striving to be a leading luxury chocolate brand Le’Zetra is working very hard to differentiate themselves in the market place.
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