Green Cliffs

The story of Green Cliffs

Green Cliffs is a series of everyday affordable products. Inspired by the Faroe Islands, Green Cliffs products has a simplistic illustration of the Myrkjanoyra Fjall in their logo. Furthermore, the brand has a distinct green colour which makes the products easy to recognize on the shelves in the supermarket.

A quality brand affordable by everyone

The Green Cliffs product assortment covers a wide range of food and non-food products; everything from jam to household products. They are continually adding new products to the series, because they want to offer the customer a low-priced alternative within as many product categories as possible. Quality and affordability are something which all Green Cliffs products have in common.

Big dreams

The mission of Green Cliffs is to excite the conscious consumer, create joy and a desire to buy. They intend to do this by their customized quality products always at a fair price.
Their vision is to deliver upon the consumers’ wants and needs and continue to expand the Green Cliffs series with new everyday products, where quality and price are in harmony.
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