Candy Factory’s

The story of Candy Factory’s

With its great taste and large selection Candy Factory’s is definitely a winner. The taste experience is paramount at Candy Factory’s and their ambition when they develop new candy is always to create the very best every time.

Don’t miss out

Candy Factory’s is for all ages. Candy Factory’s offer a wide variety of different flavours and combinations. There is something for everybody. The Surprise Egg with Candy & Toys is a big hit with children. Candy Factory’s is all about warmth and love and they want to bring back the feeling of childhood to us all. Simply put; they offer the taste of childhood. So, don’t hesitate, try their delicious candy and you will hopefully be brought back to simpler times.

New ideas & possibilities

Candy Factory’s will continue to develop new great flavours and combinations. Their mission is to repeatedly amaze and excite the customers with all kinds of rich and delicious flavours. Candy Factory’s is working hard to create new exciting things with their innovative ideas. 
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