Bella Auri

The beginning

Bella Auri is a new brand on the market. With its wide variety in luxury beauty care products, Bella Auri is certainly a winner. They want to enable every customer to find a product that exactly matches their specific style and desires.

With passion & devotion

Bella Auri continue to develop new innovative beauty products. They are working with passion and devotion, so they can offer a wide range of luxury beauty products to the consumer. The brand has product lines within; cosmetics, fragrances, hair care and body care.

Newest addition to the family

The Bella Auri family’s newest edition is the Derma Roller. The Derma Roller, or micro needling, has been on every woman’s lips the last couple of years and Bella Auri wanted to meet their demands. Their mission is to always catch the ever-changing beauty trends and provide new exciting products to match these trends and meet the customers changing needs and desires. Bella Auri stands for quality, originality and affordable prices.
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